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Yokohama type rubber fender

Inflatable rubber fender is a kind of ship accessory that buffers and protects the ship upon berthing and now is widely used in shipsocean platformoffshore facilitieswharf and  yacht etc.the inflatable rubber fender is more practicable than general rubber fender and effectively economic and therefore becomes popular among the customers.

Ship upgrading and launching rubber airbags

Marine rubber airbags is a new type of product developed independently. Which is widely used in ship dry dock and launching operationsship stranding and heavy load handling etc. the marine rubber airbag has been popular among the ship owners due to its smaller land occupation ,no need for large machinery and equipment, high safety and efficiency and flexible operations and smaller investment etc.

Foam Filled Fender

Foam filled fender is used to provide buffer and protection to the ships and widely used in ships, ocean platformoffshore facilitieswharf and yachts etc. As buffer of STS or STD berthingthe foam filled fender could absorb impact energy of ships and reduce reactive force and greatly improve safety of berting.

Ocean buoys

Sunshine buoys are designed to offer outstanding performance in tough environment,capable of providing greater buoyancy for general-purpose applications. It is engineered to accommodate a variety of end fitting options such as swivel eyes, clevis eyes, etc on each end fittings.

Yacht fender

Yacht fender could provide final protections for miniature boats, speed boats and fishing ships etc. and they now become the optimum choices of many ship owners. The products are provided with unique vinyl valve system with many high strength colors available.

D-Type Foam Fender

D-Type Fenders have a large and flexible contact face which exerts a low pressure during pushing operations.Their grooved surface provides extra grip and the triple legs give a strong attachment to the tug. D-Type Fenders can also be fitted around tight curves, whilst their relative low weight adds to tug stability.

Navigational Buoys

A navigational aid any sort of marker which aids the traveler in navigation the term is most commonly used to refer to nautical or aviation travel.common types of such aids include lighthouses,buoys,fog signals,and day beacons.

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