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After-sales service

Warranty of Qingdao Sunshine Marine Supplies Co., Ltd.

In order to forge a famous brand, improve product reputation, and establish good company image, Sunshine always adheres to the spirit of “all is to pursue high quality and satisfy the customers” and uses “favorable price, considerate service and reliable products” as development program.

Qingdao Sunshine Marine Supplies Co., Ltd. solemnly made the following commitments to protect your benefits:

Ⅰ. Product quality

1.The product manufacturing and test should be recorded;

2.The users will be invited to be present at the product test site to oversee the test process and the products will be packed into box only after confirmation.


Ⅱ. Product price

1.In order to ensure high reliability and high quality of products, the materials selected in production system should be from domestic famous brand or international famous brand.

2.Under the same competitive conditions, Sunshine will offer you the best price without degrading product performance and changing the product parts.

Ⅲ. Delivery of goods

1.Product delivery period: we will deliver the goods as you required. In case of any special requirements to advance the completion, Sunshine will organize the production and installation to meet your needs.

2.Sunshine will provide the following documents to customer upon delivery:

① Technical maintenance manual

② Installation drawing

③ Outsourced parts manual and manufacturers

④ list of wearing parts and spare parts and a given quantity of spare parts attached


Ⅳ. After-sales service

1.Service tenet: Quick, Resolute, Accurate, Considerate and Thorough

2.Service target: win the customer with service quality

3.Service efficiency: in case the equipment fails within guarantee period or outside this period, Sunshine will send maintenance personnel to the site within 48 hrs of receipt of notice

4.Service principle: if the products fail within the guarantee period, we will be responsible to provide service or change the parts that fail due to quality problems free of charge, and collect cost price for the parts that are damaged beyond guarantee period. Sunshine will collect the cost price for the services or parts if the equipment is damaged due to the reason of the purchaser.

5.Our technical personnel will pay three return visits at least to the users each year after guarantee period expires.

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